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Macrame Necklace, Red Necklace, Apparatus Gold Dipped in Water

Macrame Necklace

Necklace weaved with a waxed cord, using the macrame technique. Unique piece absolutely handmade.The material used is a waxed cord, resistant to water or sun exposure. Doesn´t lose the color or the shape. This necklace we have made with a rose quartz beads. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Macrame with the same color roses wove rope. I did knot weaving destiny rose at least a thousand pieces.

The necklace is a pendant, the cord is hand-made. Is made of the same material and color of the pendant.
If you have any question please do not hesitate to convo me. Devamını oku…


Dark blue in the middle of the water – Suyun ortasındaki lacivert

Dark blue

Dark blue in the middle of the water / Suyun ortasındaki lacivert Devamını oku…

Sürahiden dökülen su

Sürahiden dökülen

Jug pouring water Devamını oku…

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