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Laguna – Gözümüze çarpanlar

Kum boncuk ile hapishane işi top örme
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Nazo Flower – Nazo Çiçeği – Gözümüze takılanlar

Hapishane İşi Top Örme Nasıl Yapılır. Bölüm 4/6
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Bu kez Nazo örgü komşumuz Yunanistan’dan Eleni Goumara’nın çalışması

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Teapot Earrings

Teapot Earrings

Teapot Earrings in Sterling silver-plated with Jade . The earrings dangle a total of 2 inches, on a hypo-allergenic surgical steel fish hook ear wire. The body of the teapot is a 12 mm red glass pearl. Devamını oku…

Beaded Earrings, Crystal, Christmal Earrings, Blue


I made this necklace with Seed beads and fishing line. A very charming gift.
It is elegant jewelry suitable for everyday use and special occasions.
I worked no smooking area Measuress 0,98 x 0,98 inch (2,5 x2,5 cm).

Item will be shipped either within the same or the following business day that the payment is received. Since your necklace will come from Ankara, Turkey, it takes 14 to 28 days for the package to arrive. (Faster shipping options are available upon request.) Devamını oku…

French Lace Bridal Pearl – Earrings

Bridal Pearl

French lace bridesmaid bridal pearl earrings and pearl beads mothers were treated with handmade original design numarasıile SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIME I followed all the orders will be sent by the Turkish Postal Service Thank you for visiting my shop Devamını oku…

Bridal earrings French lake embroidered with beadshand labor to

Bridal earrings

Lace earrings,handmade fine varieties have prepared for you Lovely ladies. Devamını oku…

Lace Earrings

Lace Earrings

Lace earrings, handmade fine varieties have prepared for you Lovely ladies. Devamını oku…

Ceramic Earrings, Turquoise Colored Earrings, Handmade Ceramic Earrings, The Pomegranate Shaped Ceramic Earrings

Ceramic Earrings

The pomegranate shaped ceramic earrings. Handmade ceramic earrings is turquoise colored. Devamını oku…

Mercan ve Turkuaz Taşlı Nepal Küpe

Nepal Küpe

Pirinç, turkuaz ve mercan taş kakmalı, oval, Tibet el yapımı, bir çift şık ve otantik küpe. Devamını oku…

Altın Kaplama Laleli Mercan Küpeler

Altın Kaplama

Mercan taşları ve altın kaplama lale figürlü aparatlarla çalıştığım küpeler. Devamını oku…

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