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My name is Nazife ARPACI,
Welcome to my store.
I started to my career on 2003 by attending the handmade jewellery design courses hosted by Istanbul Municipality. As I progress in time, I found myself more teaching the
 designs of mine to others; that was the actual milestone when I decided to go deep in this profession. I am still an employee at Istanbul Municipality courses as an expert instructor.
  • On 2005; I am awarded on the best handmade jewelery design; on 2007 I was the second best place.
  • On 2007; as a result of technical examinations; I am awarded to be an expert instructor; and still Instructing the others who have Interests on handmade designs.
  • On 2010; I was Invited to the capital of Austuria, Wien to demonstrate a jewelry fashion show. It was a comprehensive event with the attendence of administrative memebers of the city. (Vien)
  • I have gained all the copyrights of the name Nazo tasarım®.
  • on 2012; with the help my daugther Pinar, we have started a project called “Emek Pinari” which aims to make housewifes daily handmade products available both local and In
  • ternational markets. Project still supports them to reach any Interested people around the globe with their own handmade products. The project of “Emek Pinari” also craetes a motivation to support them economically as they sell their own products.
  • On 2013; I graduated from Arel University, department of jewelery design.

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